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Write an email to a professor ata British university, inviting him/her to organize a team for theinternational innovation to be held at your university.

You should write about 100 wordson the ANSERSHEET.

Do notuse your one name. Use“Li Ming”instead.(10 points)


Dear Professor Smith,

Since the world’stendency that international innovation has been exposing to thespotlight, on behalf of our university which will schedule for theinternational innovation, I am writing this email, with fullsincerity, for the purpose of inviting you to organize a teamtalented in innovation activity.

A requirement of this organizedteam is that members of the team are required to equip themselveswith innovative spirits. They should be courageous to raisequestions, explain questions and solve questions, which is the basisof international innovation. Given your rich experience in this fieldof organizing innovation talents, we hope you can assist us inorganizing such a team.

Thanks for your time andattention to this letter, and it is hoped that you will accept thisinvitation and show your presence on this occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

Part B

52. Directions:

Write an essay of 160-200 wordsbased on the picture below. In your essay, you should

1) describe the picture briefly,

2) interpret the implied meaning,and

3)give your comments.

Write your answer on the ANSWERSHEET. (20 points)


Standing in front of the campusposting wall are two female students confusing whether to attend thelecture. The girl on the left beholds it’s useless for it notbeing related to their major, while the other on the right suggestsit might be useful?for it being beneficial to theircomprehensive capacity.

A life wisdom is that we shouldbe a prepared person and acquire knowledge actively. In other words,the spirit of active learning allows us to broaden horizons,accumulate experience and then attain success, not only in theacademic pursuit but also in the professional career. In retrospect,those successful artists, inventors, and heroic leaders who motivateand inspire us even decades later are exactly people who pursueactive and extensive learning.

Just as some professors andphilosophers once said, if we don’t pursue active learning, weare either disqualified in the competition or lost in confusion.Simply put, a man with positive attitude to acquire knowledge andaccumulate experience can indisputably reap remarkable fruits in theharvest season of his life.




Translate the following text intoChinese. Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)

Although we try our best,sometimes our paintings rarely turn out as originally planned.Changes in the light, the limitations of your painting materials andthe lack of experience and technique mean that what you start outtrying to achieve may not come to life the way that you expected.

Althoughthis can be frustrating and disappointing, it turns out that this canactually be good for you. Unexpected results have two benefits: youpretty quickly learn to deal with disappointment and realise thatwhen one door closes, another opens. You also quickly learn to adaptand come up with creative solutions to the problems the paintingpresents and thinking outside the box will become your Second nature.In fact, creative problem-solving skills are incredibly useful indaily life, with which you’remore likely to be able to find a solution when problem arises.




Section IV Writing

Part A


Suppose you are planning a campusfood festival, write an email to international students in yourUniversity to

1) introduce the food festival,and

2) invite them to participate

You should write about 100 wordson the ANSERSHEET.

Do not use your one name. Use“LiMing”instead.(10 points)


Dear overseastudents,

I,the organizer of ourcampusfood festivalthis session, warmlywelcome you to joinand enjoy thiscelebration .

As an important part ofcampus culture, the foodfestival is held every year. It is intended to ?enrichour campus life by promoting the communication and exchange ofparticipants from different departments while satisfying the variedflavors of students all over the world. Inthe carnival, there are various kinds of activities. In addition toon-spotcookingperformances and cuisinesoffered by the“chefs”,students can experienceboth home and exotic taste as well as the tableculturesduring the festival.

Thefood festival willbe held in the Playgroundfrom 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on June 15.We are looking forward to your arrival with pleasure.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

Part B

48. Directions:

Write an essay based on the chartbelow. In your writing, you should l) interpret the chart, and 2)give your comments. You should write about 150 words on the ANSWERSHEET. (15 points)


The bar chart clearly presentssignificant changes of business turnover in express industry from2018 to 2020. Specifically, the overall number of parcel deliveriesin China increased moderately from 51 billion to 83 billion in thepast three years. However, the number in the rural areas haswitnessed a dramatic growth in 2020, a climb to 30 billion.

Obviously, statistics inexpress industry can be seen as the miniature of e-commerce andconsumption patterns in this day and age. As online shopping hasbecome a prevailing trend among Chinese citizens and families, therocketing of e-shoppers increasingly stimulates this industry andincreasesthe number of parcels. Furthermore, the boost of express industry inrural areas also reflects the growing purchasing power of ruralresidents and the betterment of infrastructure construction in thecountryside.

As an emerging industry,express industry calls for the co-efforts from both express companiesand regulators. In order to keep pace with the consumers’growing demands, the high-quality services and on-time deliveryshould be on the top of agenda.


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